Company Profile

The Company Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Shenzhen, The company is a technology-based company co-founded by a range of acoustics, identity design, software and hardware engineering. The company focuses on the design, manufacture, R&D and sales of 3D printing resin HIFI headphones, 3D printing resin true wireless HIFI earphones and Hifi Universal IEM And Custom IEM headphones.

It has an independent R&D team and production. The team has successfully stepped into the research and development of micro speakers, military earphones, hearing aids and HIFI customized custom model earphones. It provides production as well as the supply of finished designs and acoustic components for many well-known audio brands. The whole team has years of experience and technology accumulation in acoustic structure, acoustic device selection, tuning and calibration!

In 2019, the independent brand "EPZ" was established, dedicated to creating the first-class brand of "3D Printing resin HIFI Headphones" and "HiFi Wireless Earphones". The EPZ team conducted 5 years of research using its own technology in HIFI Headphones/Earphones and finally implemented the 3D Printing application. In 2021, the world's first 3D printing resin Wireless Earphones was launched. The true wireless earphones S350T and S350T Pro use the QCC3040 chipset, which can realize personalized color and special model customization.

It is also the only known company in the world that can mass-produce 3D printed TWS special model earphones on a large scale. All EPZ earphones use high precision DLP-3D printed external and internal acoustic structures to provide an extremely comfortable wearing experience. The exterior is sculpted with visual aesthetics to offer a personalized stylish and cool look. It is suitable for both music and work. Adhering to the spirit of handmade, adhering to Fashion concepts, meticulous selection of unit materials and powered by the latest technology, we offer customers an enjoyable listening experience. The EPZ brand will continue to offer unique headphones and wireless earphones on its way to becoming a premium brand by promoting the application of 3D printing technology in headphones and wireless earphones.

Epz-Audio Corporation